EV engineering



Projecten uit het verleden

  • 450t-2.5m Passive Heave Compensators: Control systems, design and project engineering
  • 350t-6.5m spreaders: design en project engineering
  • Outrigger tilting frame for a 9m monopile clamp: design en project engineering
  • L-bow offshore access: control systems engineering and project engineering
  • Design and calculation of portable gantry crane at FPSO
  • Strutural design of parts of a offshore People transfer system
  • Design of 500 t, 4m spreader bar acc. to GL
  • Engineering of sections of a offshore structures acc to GL-ND
  • Ansys FEM engineer of dredging equipment
  • Engineering new 8-10-12m^3 grab
  • Engineering internal transport systems
  • Design and (FEM) calculation of a 50m and 38m piling installation
  • Design and (FEM) calculation of a compact, aluminium light-weigth hoisting equiment for (glass) panels
  •  (FEM) calculation of heavy equipment acc Lloyds Reg
  • Design of a hi-tech bow thruster
  • (FEM) calculation of a 180 tons turnable working platform
  • (FEM) support for building maintenance units.


  • Dreging equipment
  • Offshore deck equipement
  • Building maintenance units
  • Fall protection
  • Bow thruster
  • Food processing machinery
  • Internal transport
  • Packaging machines